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Christmas Is Mine

CD: It's A SpongeBob Christmas! Album
Track Number: 9
Artist: Plankton

And now, a holiday message from me – PLANKTON!

When you take your perfect family out to see the pretty lights
While you're makin' with the skatin' and you're glidin' o'er the ice
When you're wassailin' and carolin', remember all the time
I took away your holiday, now Christmas is mine

You turkeys keep Thanksgiving, I'll just say “no thanks”
Halloween with all the costumes and trick-or-treating pranks
Keep the bunny with the jelly beans and your funny valentine
But don't you touch what's in my clutches, Christmas is mine

Christmas is mine
Christmas is mine
A time for sharing with me
A time for caring about me
A time for thinking selfishly
I'll hurt you if you don't agree

The candy canes the pumpkin pie, the cracker and the nuts
Just try and take your Yuletide back, if you've got the guts
Your new partridge in a pear tree and your Auld Lang Syne
The whole snowball I've got it all, now Christmas is mine

Christmas is mine
Christmas is mine

Everybody sing! There you go, Christmas is … mine? This stinks.