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Ho Ho Hoedown

CD: It's A SpongeBob Christmas! Album
Track Number: 8
Artist: SpongeBob SquarePants & Sandy

SpongeBob: Hey, Sandy, what's Christmas like where you come from?
Sandy: Well, SpongeBob, pull up a mechanical bull, have a seat, and I'll tell you all about it.

When Christmas comes in Texas, we do things differently
We hang our shiny, sparkly spurs on a cactus Christmas tree
The tumble-weeds are tumbin', so who needs mistletoe?
Build a sandman by the Rio Grande 'cause we ain't got no snow

It's a ho, ho, hoedown, where jingle bells will ring
It's a down-home country Christmas, with a dash of western swing
'Tis the season to be jolly, like a rodeo clown
Ho ho ho ho ho, hoedown!

Yee-haw! Here's cowboy Kringle Claus, he's the coolest Christmas cat
He's long and lean like a big string bean in a red ten-gallon hat
Deliverin' toys and candy all across the lone star state
Tell all the good cowboys and girls it's time to celebrate

He's got a magical chuck wagon, but he don't use reindeers
Steaks alive if he don't drive eight flyin' longhorn steers
Man, what a sight, flying light Grease Lightnin' high above the plains
Those hooves clip-clip on your rooftop as Kringle calls their names

On Ronnie, Bob and Oggy, on Wailin' Willy, too
On Freddie, Doug and Flaco, there's still so much to do
My saddle bags are 'bout to burst with all kinds of loot
He can't quit 'til he dun filled each Christmas cowboy boot

It's a ho, ho, hoedown, those jingle bells ding dong will ring
Holiday throwdown, it's a bash with a dash of western swing
Deck the halls with Texas holly, when you hear that joyful sound
Ho-o-o-o-o, hoedown!

It's a ho, ho, hoedown, join our joyful jamboree,
Grab a guitar, bring your fiddle, Christmas on the long prairie
Let's holiday the western way, hey ya'll come on down
Ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho
Ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho
Ho ho ho ho ho, hoedown!