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Flying Dutchman

CD: The Sponge Who Could Fly: A New Musical
Track Number: 12
Artist: The Flying Dutchman, his crew

Avast! Make way thee swabs!
For I am the Flying Dutchman
Argh, 'tis me the terror of the seas
I am the one and only Flying Dutchman
Across the stormy stratosphere
I sail above striking fear
Belovers hearts across the briny deep
Me driveled, ghastly, ghostly ways
Set chills across and horrified dismays
I shiver the timbers of everyone I meet
That's right, 'tis I
'Tis he
You need-eth qualify
Because he's spooky
The terror that is the Flying Dutchman
The Dutchman
'Tis me
'Tis he
And only 'tis me
And only he
That lays claim to the fame to the Flying Dutchman
He's the Dutchman
I Petrify the sky through parlous heights I stir
The boldest of poltergeists I've been
The bravest buccaneers
Are reduced to cowardly curds when they meet the fearsome phantom which be me
And only me
Yes 'tis I
And by I I mean me
Uh what he said
I who unique no nominally the Flying Dutchman
The Flying Dutchman
Seriously I'm the only one around here that can fly around here wreaking havoc. Now all heads on deck.
I don't take kindly to impostors or pretenders to my glow
I'm the king of ghostly pirates and I'll chill ye to the bone
So you best beheath to what I say
Ye better not resist
For I've come here for a reason to tell me, tell me this