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You Rock

CD: The Sponge Who Could Fly: A New Musical
Track Number: 9
Artist: SpongeBob, town people, Squidward, Patrick, Mrs. Puff, others

Thank you all for the applause and the affection
I can feel the warmth and your love, and our connection
But now I got to know I have another job to do
I'm going to rise, rise, rise above and make my dreams come true
See you all later, I'm off to Jellyfish Fields-
Stop! Wait! S.O.S.!
Sounds like Squidward he's in distress!
S.O.S. he's in distress
Somehow he's in an awful mess
I need your help it's an emergency.
What's the matter Squidward?
I need you to clean-
Clean up crime? Now don't you fret.
Well no not exactly.
Then what?
Clean my clarinet
Clean his clarinet
Hey Mr. Porous Man tell us what's your plan
Tell us what's your plan
But that's not an emergency
Yes it is and besides everybody knows it's easier to swab a clarinet when you can fly.
That's true.
Ew, there's a lot of old, yucky saliva and spit and disgusting stuff inside of here. Eugh, here you go.
Hey Mr. Porous Man you are the one that can
So very magical, so radical
Hey flying sponge you rock (3x)
You really rock flying sponge
Thank you all for all your praise and admiration
I'd like to stay and join this celebration
But now I got to go
I gotta another place to be
I'm going to rise to Jellyfish Fields and find my destiny
Stop! Wait! S.O.S.! I'm truly in distress.
Patrick what is it buddy?
Can you get us ice cream
Rocky Road is really yummy
Patrick I-
Hey SpongeBob could you rub my tummy
Could you rub his tummy
Could you get me a big promoted job
Could you get me on T.V.
Can you make a janitor
Can you make me sing on key
Could you save my snail
Could you save my stuff
Hey can you play chess
Can you play borg
Can you dig my soy
Can you dig my part
Hey can you like uh-
Transplant my heart!
Okay, but you should know I'm not really qualified.
It's okay just do your best.
You're fired!
Can you paint my house
Hey can you read brow
Teach me to dance
Could you save my-
Stop! Again with the snail, Mrs. Puff you should really keep better track of your snail.
Hey BubblePants who do you think you are talking to her like that?
It's just if I keep doing favors for people then I won't get fulfill my dream and get to Jellyfish Fields.
Hey you ol' flying dude what makes you act so rude
Enough, I am going home.