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What a Nut

CD: The Sponge Who Could Fly: A New Musical
Track Number: 5
Artist: Squidward

What a nut
Something's wrong with his mind
I'd call him a dingbat but that would be kind
He's a lame brain of a yo-yo
A simple minded screwball
I'd say he's as sharp as a marble but he's lost them all
He's demented
He's berserk
Only a half witted, hair brain, wacko could thing that could work
What a crackpot
What a ding-a-ling
Why only a nincompoop ninny would try such a thing
Boy what a moron
What goes on in his brain
Is he really that stupid
Or is he just insane
I'd tell you his head must be full of hot air
Just look at that stupid contraption
Hey that's my lawn chair! SpongeBob!
Leave it to SpongeBob to get obsessed with a cockamamie fantasy
He should have a more sensible dream like me
To be the greatest clarinet player in the world.