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CD: The Sponge Who Could Fly: A New Musical
Track Number: 3
Artist: Mr. Krabs, choir

Ka-ching (2x)
I love to hear it ring
Reminds me of the ting-a-ling that only cash could bring
Ka-ching (2x)
It makes me wanna sing
A giggly little diddy about me favorite sound ka-ching
The click of shiny nickels
The clank of weening dimes
There's a sparkle to the sound that gets me grinnin' every time
The rustle of dollar bills a comin' as they're counted out
Makes me jolly makes me wanna jump and shout haha
Ka-ching (5x)
What a wonderfully wonder kind of ring-a-ding ding
A jingle that tingles with fring-a-ding ding
Ka-ching (5x)
Every time I hear it ring I feel like I'm the king
Now I remember once I took a check but that scribblin' started to confuse me. And the thought of taking it to the bank did not amuse me.
But when I put it in the register a miracle occurred
'Cause when I closed the register door what did you think I heard?
Ka-ching (2x)
No, no, no. That wasn't it. It was a whole choir of ka-chings. Ahehehe!
Ka-ching (16x)
What a glorious gizzard, gleaming light
There's no better sound and no better sight
I dream every day and night of
Cash money money money (3x and choir)
Cash and change
Change-a-lang (3x)
change change-a-lang
Ka-ching ka-ching-a-ling, ka-wow
Cold hard cash
Ka-ching-a-ling ding
Ka-ching-a-ling ding
Ka-ching (15x) Ka-
Money money money money cash and change nickel
Ting-a-ling (4x)
All that glitters, all that rings gives me the tingles ahehehe!
Get back to work!