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The Luckiest Sponge

CD: The Sponge Who Could Fly: A New Musical
Track Number: 1
Artist: SpongeBob, Gary, Squidward, news announcer, choir

It's a beautiful morning yes siree
Time to greet the day with joy and glee
Because there's one thing that's clear as can be
The luckiest sponge in the world is me
I've got the loudest alarm clock
The comfiest bed
The fluffiest pillow to rest my head
The snuggliest covers
The greatest pet
Gary? Gary where are you?
Why Gary you've gone undercover dahahaha!
Am I the luckiest sponge in the world
You bet.
Here on Bikini Bottom life moves along on it's own pace
Everywhere you look there's a kind face to be seen
Good morning Squidward, isn't a great at day?
No, it might have been for one brief, shining moment but then you started singing. And I wake up and I see see I live next to the most obnoxious neighbor in the sea.
Thanks Squidward, I'm the luckiest sponge in the world
Be quiet SpongeBob it's six o'clock in the morning.
Is it that late already? Oh I'd better get off to work.
SpongeBob you nitwit, the Krusty Krab doesn't open until another three hours.
Then I can hardly wait to get there and start making Krabby Patties 'til the sea cows come home. Bye Squidward, see you soon.
Never would be too soon for me...
Dahahaha! That Squidward what a kidder.
I have the greatest job in the whole wide ocean yes I do
Makin' Krabby Patties at the Krusty Krab
That's right I'm living the dream (2x)
Take it away Gary
Meow (15x)
I'm the luckiest sponge in the world
And this is the Bikini Bottom weather report there's a bright, golden haze on Jellyfish Fields.
Wow, could life get any better?
I get to choose a new outfit every day
I'm surrounded by friends at work and play
Bikini Bottom's where I'll always stay
Who's the luckiest sponge in the world
The luckiest sponge in the world
Who's the most fortune, charmed and blessed
One's who life is the best example of manifest
Guess who's the most luckiest sponge
Who could it be
That's right Gary, it's me
The lucky sponge is me