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Squidward's Song

Episode: Atlantis Squarepantis
Artist: Squidward

Isn't this great?
Isn't this neat?
I'm a living work of art
From my head down to my feet

From the very first drawings on walls in caves
Art has been what the heart and soul craves
So pick up a brush, a pencil, or pen
If you don't like this one paint it again

From now on, please call me Sir Real
I can wait for your impression to congeal
Take it from an undersea Renaissance man
I'd even look great on the side of your van

Anyway you cut it, I am art and art is me
Ask your mama or your dada
To tell you about the uh, schism
Between minimalism and cubism

My personality may be the cynical type
But I finally found something that lives up to the hype
I can say honestly and with great certainty
That Atlantis is where I want to spend eternity