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Mr. Krabs' Song

Episode: Atlantis Squarepantis
Artist: Mr. Krabs

Oh, if only I'd known when I woke up today
I'd stopped at me tailors alone the way
And had ten more pockets put on me pants
Cause I think I hear a money avalanche (yodels)

Hey, look at all this cash
Hey, look at all this money
I hope me heart can take it...
I'm alright sonny

Industrial accidents can make quite a mess
Unless you fall into a money press
Oh, make me into money, Mr. Wonderful Machine
I always knew that me true color was green

Oh... ever since I was a little kid
I dreamed of such a place, yes I did
With mounds of money and rivers of cash
And a pool of coins to make a splash

Oh, I'll open up a Krusty Krab made of money
They'd be delicious and expensive and tastes like golden honey
Money and gold and treasure I'm told
And all of it for me