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Mistakes & Goofs

Many animation and audio errors have been made throughout the series.

Episode #
Episode Name
1 1a Help Wanted Stephen Hillenburg's long lost cousin, Stephen Hilleburg!
1 1c Tea at the Treedome Half of the belt is missing
1 3b Plankton! SpongeBob's tie is black for a few frames
1 3b Plankton! Words appear out of nowhere
1 5a Pizza Delivery Squidward's eyes are green
1 7b Jellyfish Jam Squidward's shirt changes color (Pink/Brown)
1 8b Squeaky Boots 1) Floorboard changes colors once you pull the building up
2) Mr. Krabs changes sides from right to left in the restaurant when lifting up the building

1 10b F.U.N. Theater seat is end then becomes middle
1 11a MuscleBob BuffPants SpongeBob's outfit changes
1 12b Employee of the Month Door handles are clear instead of yellow
1 12b Employee of the Month Why are SpongeBob's eyelashes on the top of the binoculars?
1 13b I Was A Teenage Gary Gary's eyestalks and eyeballs are the wrong color
1 17a Arrgh! X spot mysteriously appears full after Mr. Krabs digs the first time
1 19a Fools in April Door handle mysteriously disappears and reappears
1 19a Fools in April Inside door becomes outside door
1 19a Fools in April Green fish gets dressed between shots
2 21b Squid's Day Off Misspelling of 'Emergency'
2 23a Big Pink Loser SpongeBob's front teeth are missing
2 24a Dying For Pie Mr. Krabs levitating & Squidward missing some legs
2 24a Dying For Pie SpongeBob says 'eyelashes' but his eyebrows are gone
2 24a Dying For Pie Mr. Krabs' eyebrows are missing
2 25a Wormy 1) SpongeBob's front teeth are missing
2)Sandy's left arm is missing
3) Patrick's eyes are missing
4) Eyes lose color on green fish with glasses
2 28 Christmas Who? SpongeBob's shoes aren't colored in
2 29a Survival of the Idiots SpongeBob's foot goes missing
2 29b Dumped SpongeBob's sleeve is yellow and not white
2 32b The Smoking Peanut SpongeBob's belt is not colored in
2 32b The Smoking Peanut Mr. Krabs' belt buckle colors are reversed
2 32b The Smoking Peanut Patrick's eyelids are pink instead of purple
2 33a Shanghaied Rope changes from real to painting
2 36a Graveyard Shift As Squidward tells SpongeBob about the hash-slinging slasher, his eyebrows disappear
2 36a Graveyard Shift 'Order Hear' instead of 'Order Here'
2 36a Graveyard Shift 'Galley Grub' misspelled
2 37a Procrastination Misspelling of 'stoplight'
3 42a Club SpongeBob Squidward's tentacle is yellow
3 44b Idiot Box SpongeBob's pineapple is missing
3 45b Doing Time Mrs. Puff's hat changes colors from blue to red to black

3 47b Can You Spare A Dime? Straw changes color
3 48b Squilliam Returns Mr. Krabs' eyes turn white instead of light yellow
3 48b Squilliam Returns Outside is dark but it's really not
3 49b Rock-A-Bye Bivalve SpongeBob's sleeves are still on after taking his pants off
3 51 Party Pooper Pants Gary's shell swirl is gone
3 52a Chocolate With Nuts 1) Patrick's light pink patch above mouth
2) SpongeBob's pores are missing
3 52b Mermaidman and Barnacleboy V Misspelling of 'villain'
3 55a The Great Snail Race SpongeBob's nose is missing
3 60a SpongeBob Meets the Strangler Numbers are different
3 60a SpongeBob Meets the Strangler The Strangler's shirt goes missing for a frame
4 64b Good Neighbors Disappearing pores
4 69a Krusty Towers From the outside view of the new Krusty Krab hotel, there should be 11 floors. However, Mr. Krabs brings Squidward to the 17th floor
4 74a Bummer Vacation Where did the Chum Bucket go?
4 79b The Pink Purloiner A door inside of another door
4 80a Best Day Ever A door inside of another door
4 80a Best Day Ever Sandy's tail is white
5 83b Waiting Sandy's karate gear is red instead of green
5 85b Krabs a la Mode SpongeBob's hat is missing
5 85b Krabs a la Mode The spatula's handle is entirely black instead or silver
5 85b Krabs a la Mode Boat disappears than reappears
5 88c Slimy Dancing SpongeBob's eyelashes are missing
5 91b Le Big Switch Backdoor is missing
6 101a House Fancy! The picture on the right is missing the unibrow.
6 104a Not Normal SpongeBob's left arm is missing
6 105b Slide Whistle Stooges SpongeBob's socks are missing
6 106a A Life in a Day SpongeBob & Patrick switch places in camera angles
6 106a A Life in a Day SpongeBob's bathing suit changes into normal clothing in mid-air
6 109a Boating Buddies SpongeBob's belt turns white
6 113a Krusty Krushers Patrick's blindfold disappears
7 130a Greasy Buffoons SpongeBob's eyelashes are missing
7 131b A Pal for Gary Gray bars at the top and bottom of frame
7 133b Squidward in Clarinetland Misspelling of "Galley Grub"
7 142a Trenchbillies Invisible mustard squirter
8 167b Bubble Buddy Returns Gary's swirl and dots on his shell switch colors
8 169b Planet of the Jellyfish SpongeBob's pants are a darker shade of brown in a close-up
8 171b inSPONGEiac Where did Squidward's house go?
8 172a Face Freeze! SpongeBob's eyelashes are missing on his right eye
8 174a Treats! Gary's swirl and dots on his shell switch colors
8 177a The Good Krabby Name The "screaming fish" changes color
9 181b Squid Baby SpongeBob's eyelashes are missing
9 183a Squid Defense Sandy's teeth are the wrong color