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How to Make SpongeBob SquarePants

This is taken directly from "Season 6: Volume 2" DVD special features. If you'd like to view the video, click here.

Materials (19 needed)

* Standard Size Sponge (3" x 4") (PICTURE)
* 4 yellow pipe cleaners (PICTURE)
* 1 white pipe cleaner (PICTURE)
* Red, Black, and Blue Markers (PICTURE)
* Brown and Red construction paper (PICTURE)
* White construction paper (PICTURE)
* 2 Pencil Top Erasers (any color) (PICTURE)
* 2 plastic craft store eyes (optional) (PICTURE)
* Scissors, Glue, Ruler (PICTURE)


Step 1 (legs)

* Cut two 3.5" long pieces of yellow pipe cleaner (PICTURE 1 | PICTURE 2)
* Cut two 2" long pieces of white pipe cleaner (PICTURE)
* Wind each white pipe around the bottom of each yellow pipe leg (PICTURE)
* Carefully poke each leg into the bottom end of the sponge (PICTURE)

Step 2 (Arms and Sleeves)

* Cut two 9" long pieces of pipe cleaner (PICTURE)
* Bend one end of each pipe cleaner into four fingers (PICTURE 1 | PICTURE 2)
* Cut two strips of white paper that measure 1" x 1/2" (PICTURE 1 | PICTURE 2)
* Roll each strip of paper into a tube and glue each tube closed- Let dry (PICTURE)
* Glue each sleeve on the shoulder end of the arm, about 1" from the top- Let dry (PICTURE)
* Poke the shoulder end of each arm into the sponge, about 1.5" up from the bottom of the sponge (PICTURE)

Step 3 (Shirt and Shorts)

* Cut a strip of white paper that is 1" wide and long enough to wrap around the sponge (PICTURE)
* Cut a 1/2"-wide strip of brown construction paper the same length as the white strip (PICTURE)
* Glue the brown-and-white strip to the bottom half of the white strip- Let dry (PICTURE)
* Glue the brown and white strip to the sponge (PICTURE)
* Cut two strips of brown paper that measures3/4" by 1" (PICTURE)
* Roll each strip of paper into a tube, then glue the tube closed- Let dry (PICTURE)
* Glue the top of each tube to the top of each leg (PICTURE)

Step 4 (Eyes, Tie, and Belt)

* Draw two circles on white paper each about 1" in. diameter (PICTURE)
* Cut out the two circles keeping the black outline on the inside (PICTURE)
* Glue the plastic googly eyes to the center of each eyeball (PICTURE)
* Or just draw the eyes in with the blue marker (PICTURE)
* Glue the eyes onto the sponge so that SpongeBob's right eye slightly overlaps the left one (PICTURE 1 | PICTURE 2)
* Cut out a small rectangle and a small diamond from the red construction paper (PICTURE)
* Glue both shapes on the center of the shirt (PICTURE)
* Draw a wide black V on either side of the of the top of the tie (PICTURE)
* Draw dashes on the brown paper to make his belt (PICTURE)

Step 5 (Face and Shoes)

* With the black marker, draw three eyelashes above each eye (PICTURE)
* Draw the nose, mouth and tongue (PICTURE)
* Color in the mouth with the red marker (PICTURE)
* Cut out two small squares from the white paper (PICTURE)
* Glue the squares onto the mouth just under the lip (PICTURE)
* Color both pencil top erasers with the black marker (PICTURE)
* After they dry, slip one onto the bottom of each leg (PICTURE)
* Bend each leg at the top of the eraser to finish the feet (PICTURE)


Don't want to follow the directions above? Make your own!!