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Fact vs. Fiction

Bikini Bottom is your average town but with a few minor differences here and there:

Traffic Light
Sea life - Red & Green traffic signals. Signs that come out on red say 'STOP' and the the sign that comes out on green say 'GO'
Real life - Red, Yellow, Green traffic signals. No signs that come out.

Sea life - There are trees that require scuba gear (mask & tank) to survive underwater
Real life - Underwater trees do not require oxygen tanks & masks to survive

Sea life - Flowers represent clouds under the ocean
Real life - Fluffy cotton balls represent clouds

Sea life - "There's no sidewalk, it seems that most people walks on the road. Also the roads are so small that it looks like it could only fit one vehicle. Also some buildings appears to be isolated from other building and not having any road access. And finally the buildings are just plopped randomly with no regards of zoning." - The Drifter
Real life - Sidewalks, roads leading to most (if not all) buildings.

Building Height
Sea life - "The tallest buildings are only a couple stories high." - E.V.I.L
Real life - Many buildings have multiple floors, some as high as 100-stories

Sea life - "There's a "snowy" mountain, a grassland, a beach, a forest resembling a jungle, AND an urban center all in the same city. Can't really think of a city in RL that has all of those." - E.V.I.L
Real life - Even the biggest cities in the world don't have all of these in the city limits

Sea life - "For the most part, the roads do not have painted lanes." - E.V.I.L
Real life - Some roads/streets have lanes painted to separate which way traffic comes and goes

Contribution thanks goes to the fans and members of the forums!