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Halloween Party

Episode: Scaredy Pants
Description: Halloween is a time for spooky tales, dressing up in costumes, fun, games, and candy. In Bikini Bottom, there is a Halloween party every year at the Krusty Krab. Everyone dresses up in costumes. Sandy dresses up as a Goldfish in a bowl and Squidward is another version of the Flying Dutchman. While everyone else dresses up in something scary, SpongeBob decides to dress up as the Flying Dutchman. However, it was only a bed sheet that he put over himself. When he drops in, from the ceiling, everyone is scared until he is hanging upside-down, revealing himself to be SpongeBob. Everyone laughs. That is…until the real Flying Dutchman appears. Screaming starts again. The Flying Dutchman lets everyone know how sick and tired he is of all the Flying Dutchman wannabe's every year. SpongeBob is the one that broke the camels back. When The Flying Dutchman takes off SpongeBob's bed sheet, SpongeBob's entire body has been shaved off, thanks to Patrick. The only thing left is SpongeBob's brain, eyes, nose, and mouth. Everyone, including the real Flying Dutchman, runs off screaming.