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The Prom

Episode: The Chaperone
Description: Ah, Prom Night. Every High School girl's dream. In this episode, Pearl is taken to the prom by SpongeBob, who does not attend her high school. Why SpongeBob, you may ask? Well, Pearl got dumped by Octavius Rex, aka Mr. Tall, Dark and Handsome earlier. SpongeBob takes Pearl to the prom in a limo. This limo has the back end scraping on the concrete as they arrive to the gym. Once they walk up to the doors, SpongeBob has a list of things that Pearl wanted to do for her prom night. What they do first is take their first prom picture. What's supposed to be a simple photograph turns out to be terrible for SpongeBob, due to his long legs. He destroys the curtain and ruins the picture for Pearl. When Pearl is talking with all her High School friends, SpongeBob is trying to get a glass of punch for himself and Pearl. However, the height of his legs and length of his arms keeps him from doing this. SpongeBob can't quite reach the spoon and, instead, accidentally dumps the bowl of punch all over him. Pearl seems to get angry with him but then notices her ex-boyfriend, Octavius Rex. The dancing starts and SpongeBob tries to do his own little dance. However, Pearl points out that everyone is doing 'The Whack.' SpongeBob tries it but his legs give way, again, and causes Pearl to cry. SpongeBob tries to stop her emotions by checking the list that he has but ends up crying and running into the bathroom. Pearl tries to console SpongeBob and lifts his spirits up when she told him that he can keep the wig. SpongeBob gets excited so he runs out of the bathroom and takes Pearl over to the dance floor. Instead of doing 'The Whack', a song plays and they are now doing 'The Sponge.' When everyone else tries to do all the twists and turns of 'The Sponge', they get tangled and everything starts to go wrong. The entire gym goes into chaos and all the students throw Pearl and SpongeBob out and tell them to go wreck someone else's Prom.