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Clarinet Recital

Episode: SquidBob TentaclePants
Description: Squidward's dream of performing in front of a crowd is coming true. The only thing stopping him is his annoying neighbor, SpongeBob. SpongeBob stops at Sandy's place to try out her new invention, the matter transporter. When she tries to transport SpongeBob to the Krusty Krab, Squidward's tentacle gets stuck in SpongeBob's mouth. They are both transported back to Sandy, but fused together. Desperate to be separated, Sandy attempts to build a reverse matter transporter. The clarinet recital finally comes and Squidward causes a bunch of boos. That is, until the cape he is wearing comes off and reveals that he is infused with SpongeBob. Instead of everyone booing him, they actually cheer for the freaky bro. Sandy arrives with her new reverse matter transporter and changes SpongeBob and Squidward back to normal. The crowd does not appreciate this and walks off.