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Bikini Bottom: No Snorkel Required

Jibbix's Timeline Theory
Is there an actual timeline with the show? (credit to Jibbix)

SpongeBob and Squidward: An Actual Friendship
Squidward may actually like SpongeBob afterall. (credit to Jolly Kid)

Squidward > Santa
Is Squidward Santa is better than the Santa in "It's A SpongeBob Christmas"? (credit to DadMom AngryPants)

The story of Sheldon
A look at Plankton's role in the show. (credit to Roadie)

SpongeBob's age: A case study
SpongeBob never seems to age after nearly 15 years on television. He must have gotten some of his genes from Dick Clark. (credit to DadMom AngryPants)

Is SpongeBob the true evil genius?
Everyone in Bikini Bottom finds SpongeBob annoying. So does that mean SpongeBob does certain things on purpose? (credit to Roadie)

Eels & Escalators: How does it work?
Snakes & Ladders board game remake. But just how does it differ? (credit to DadMom AngryPants)

SpongeBob & Homosexuality
A look at the topic of homosexuality and how SpongeBob is the talk about this issue. (credit goes to Halibut)

Spandy: Improbable But Not Impossible
A look at the possibility of SpongeBob & Sandy getting together as a couple. (credit goes to That One Random Boss)

Would a change of style benefit SpongeBob?
SpongeBob might need a style change. (credit goes to Roadie)

We can't ask for the show to return to its roots
Is it too much to ask to get the show back to where it was a long time ago? (credit goes to Wumbo)

The Scientific Formula to Determine the Quality of an Episode
Quality > Quantity (credit goes to Roadie)

SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, and Sandy: The Game Night Gang
The Perfect Episode with 4 Main Characters (credit goes to Roadie)

The Descent of SpongeBob's Character Design
How the design of SpongeBob's squareness has gone down. (credit goes to BabySmitty)