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Bikini Bottom Mysteries Season 3

BIkini Bottom Mysteries S3 E01: SpongeBob Goes Missing
When SpongeBob goes missing, Sandy calls on the so-called "Gold Team" to rescue him. But what if the Gold Team is not who they say they are? Let's dive deep into the Case of the Missing SpongeBob in this episode of Bikini Bottom Mysteries.

BIkini Bottom Mysteries S3 E02: Investigating the Krabby Patty Secret Formula
A Krabby Patty is said to be one of the finest meals in Bikini Bottom. But what's really between those buns that makes a Krabby Patty so delicious?

Bikini Bottom Mysteries S3 E03: Who Kidnapped Gary?
Gary is missing again! Was it actually Plankton this time? Or is there a bigger plot going on in Bikini Bottom?