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25 Days of Christmas 2012

December 1st
-Christmas skin on the website.
-Christmas skin on the forums.
-Doubloons for posting increased for the rest of this month.

December 2nd
-Nautical Novice transcript
-Wallpapers page has been updated to sort by size
-New Christmas wallpaper

-2007 Christmas edition of SpongeBob Magazine

December 3rd
-"It's A SpongeBob Christmas Album!" player added on the Christmas skin on the forums.
-The Splinter transcript
-Squidward Christmas wallpaper

December 4th
-Shell Shocked transcript
-Video Games page update with new layout
-Patrick Christmas wallpaper

December 5th
-Two Faces of Squidward transcript
-Updated Music page layout
--Showing more CD info
--Showing more song info
-Sandy Christmas wallpaper

December 6th
-A Day in a Life transcript
-Penny Foolish transcript
-Mr. Krabs Christmas wallpaper

-2008 Christmas edition of SpongeBob Magazine

December 7th
-It's a SpongeBob Christmas transcript
-Forum names changed
--Doubloons (Shop) -> First Nautical Bank
--Science and Tech Corner -> Plankton's Laboratory
--News -> The Bottom Feeder
--Games -> Krabby Land
-Plankton Christmas wallpaper

December 8th
-New character pages
--Earl Cheeks
--Grandpa Redbeard
--Mr. Krabs' Nephews
-Dennis Quaid cast page
-Spongicus transcript
-DVD page updated to allow ratings from members

December 9th
-About page updated
-Title card view on episodes list
-New Arcade games

December 10th
-Sun Bleached transcript
-Episodes pages updated with new layout and more info
-2009 Christmas edition of SpongeBob Magazine

December 11th
-Lyrics for "It's a SpongeBob Christmas Album!" completed
-Suction Cup Symphony transcript
-Christmas wallpaper

December 12th
-Sandy's Vacation In Ruins transcript
-"It's a SpongeBob Christmas!" avatars

December 13th
-List of videos available on
-SpongeBob Magazine Christmas 2010 edition

December 14th
-Pineapple Fever transcript
-Richard A. Bottomfeeder character

December 15th
-2011 Yearbook site updated
-2 New Wallpapers

December 16th
-Hide and Then What Happens? transcript
-2010 Yearbook site updated
-New wallpaper

Day 17
-Banned in Bikini Bottom transcript
-SpongeBob Event Calendar

Day 18
-Stanley S SquarePants transcript
-2009 yearbook
-SpongeBob Magazine, Christmas 2011 edition

Day 19
-New Songs
--Welcome Home Sandy
--Squidward Tentacles Theme Song
--Patrick Star Theme Song
--Mr. Krabs Theme Song
-Giant Squidward transcript

Day 20
-Links page
-Ditchin' transcript
-2008 Yearbook

Day 21
-The Great Patty Caper shorts transcripts
--What If The Mystery Ended This Way...?
--GumShoe SquarePants
--SpongeLock Holmes and Dr. Patson
-Clips Page

Day 22
-SpongeBob Coloring
-SpongeBob Magazine Christmas Edition 2012

Day 23
-"What If SpongeBob Was Gone?" Pictures
--Mr. Krabs
-"SpongeBob Holiday Extravapants" clip

Day 24
-Atlantis By Vantis transcripts
--Are We There Yet?
--Beware of the Jellyfish
--Our Big Road Trip
-New Clips
--It's a SpongeBob SquarePants Stop-Motion Christmas
--NPR: The Actors Behind SpongeBob
--Stuff Patrick Says
-New Characters Page Layout

Day 25
-Nickmas Shorts transcripts
--A Chuckie Finster Christmas, Channukah, Kwaanza, Winter Solice
--Holiday Party
--How The You-Know-Who Stole You-Know-What!
--Patrick the Snowman
--Plankton's Holiday Hits
--The 12 Days of Nickmas
--Patrick the Snowman 2
-The Big Help Shorts pictures
--SpongeBob & You Save the Big Blue
--Educate and Activate 1
--Educate and Activate 2
-2 VIP forums skins released to all members (and 1 new skin for VIP members)
--SBM Main
-Everyone who posted on Christmas will be getting 500 doubloons.