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100 Reasons Why We Love SpongeBob

1. The funny and original characters.
2. The silly plots.
3. The voices that go so well with the characters.
4. Because we can.
5. Patrick.
6. It cheers peoples ups when they're down.
7. Its the best thing on TV.
8. It makes other shows looks bad because SpongeBob is so much better.
9. Animation and how the show looks.
10. New episodes are coming.
11. The most imaginative cartoon in Nick.
12. The different houses, like pineapples, under a rock, and many other surreal things, like a squirrel underwater.
13. Some of the lines everyone says, not just the principle characters but Bikini Bottomers too.
14. Without SpongeBob most of our lives would be dull and boring.
15. Has some of the most unique characters.
16. We'd also have to watch the same boring teen cartoons and unoriginal cartoons on Nick.
17. There would never be any great episodes like "Band Geeks."
18. Great sequences with humorous songs like "Texas" and "A Stove is a Stove."
19. It's so similar to old school Nick shows like "Rocko's Modern Life" and "Ren and Stimpy."
20. Creativeness.
21. Awesomeness.
22. Hilariousness.
23. Just the overall sponginess.
24. Good for all ages.
25. SpongeBob loves to make people smile.
26. Bringing many a friend together, including us.
27. It never gets old.
28. He's always there for us when we need him.
29. The songs are good.
30. Good for all ages.
31. It is just so hilarious.
32. SpongeBob is on when we need him.
33. Gives families a time to sit together, to bond and laugh.
34. One of few TV shows that girls and boys can enjoy.
35. It has a great Christmas song.
36. Humor that applies to all ages.
37. Has some of the most hilarious little cameos or things like "Nosferatu" cameo from "The Graveyard Shift" episode.
38. How many cartoons has a lot of random things such as an underwater restaurant, Flying Dutchman, underwater surfing, and snails for pets?
39. SpongeBob is cool.
40. SpongeBob is fun.
41. SpongeBob has the funniest friend in the whole world, Patrick.
42. Very funny.
43. Because you can make a topic giving 100 reasons about how great it is.
44. SpongeBob's always happy, you should be too.
45. Patrick shows that ignorance truly is a bliss.
46. We can all relate to Squidward.
47. Everyone has a lil Plankton in 'em.
48. Same with Squidward.
49. And SpongeBob an' Patrick.
50. Shows you to lighten up and have a little fun.
51. You never know what's gonna happened next.
52. You don't miss out on all the fun and all the laughs.
53. Because it's fun to like and do nautical nonsense.
54. Because we never got to find out what the Krabby Patty secret formula was.
55. The focal point of the show is sometimes revolved around the Krusty Krab.
56. Has the most hilarious super villains and heroes.
57. Because I would never learn from ssj not to be lazy.
58. Bubble Buddy is cool.
59. SpongeBob is an enjoyable show.
60. Because Sandy represents the strong in females.
61. Because even if the episodes air over and over again, there are some memorable lines and you still laugh at like Looney Tunes.
62. Porque they show the Christmas special a lot in December.
63. Because the sponginess and yellowness say it all; it's an awesome show!
64. It's not kiddish or too offensive for any adult or kid to enjoy.
65. I wouldn't have the opportunity to talk with kids from all over the world and learn to think from different perspectives on everything.
66. There wouldn't be awesome smileys made by Annie-Mae.
67. If SpongeBob never aired we would never be here.
68. It gives us the entertainment we need.
69. It's the most imaginative show on Nick.
70. If it didn't exist, history would go whack.
71. We would all be bored out of our minds.
72. We wouldn't have anything to look forward to.
73. Because Patrick's funny.
74. Cause Patrick and a lot of other people are funny.
75. There wouldn't be a Goofy-Goober song.
76. There wouldn't be a show where my dad and I could sit down together and laugh.
77. I wouldn't be inspired to not be afraid to be a lil outrageous at times.
78. That pirate guy who sings the song at the beginning wouldn't have a job.
79. Each episode is unique and each one makes me laugh. Sometimes at the badly written script or at Patrick's and SpongeBob's stupidity.
80. Every character has a trait that any person can relate to.
81. Nobody would get such a good movie for Christmas.
82. My friend Patrick wouldn't have such a cool nickname.
83. A lot of us wouldn't be standing here wondering who invented this show.
84. Because we do.
84. Mr Krabs, Squidward, and Plankton show how boys are so immature, greedy, and gloomy for some really odd reason.
85. Scooter shows how surfing can be so fun.
86. A lot of us would never see the awesome smilies.
87. There wouldn't be a Wheres Gary?
88. We would all be bored out of our minds.
89. We wouldn't be able to accessorize.
90. My room would be boring.
91. I wouldn't have my cute SpongeBob pajamas I'm wearing right now.
92. I would be playing RuneScape right now instead of posting here.
93. I would be wearing my old bathrobe that's too small for me.
94. I would have never made that one crossword to send out to everyone.
95. I would have never seen SpongeBob so cute.
96. My friend would never had told me, "You spelled Crabby wrong. It's with a 'K' not a 'C,' Katie."
97. I wouldn't be thinking right now, I wonder if were gonnna try to do 200 when we're done.
98. I wouldn't get to meet the bestest peoples like Spongey34 and SpongeBob Laura and Annie-Mae.
99. I wouldn't know that ghost krabs have 360 vision, but can't see above their heads, and other cool facts.
100. I wouldn't have ended our countdown with this.

* List compiled by Pearl1393, Spongeysgurl, Spongey34, Wife_of_Spongebob, Spongey444, belldandy100, ssj4gogita4, dvdfge2, patrick star 57, spongeystephie, sp0ng3b0b182, Woodchucker, krustykrab1393, Plankton567, tedebear, spongiestsponge, Annie-Mae, and SpongeBoy229.