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The Patrick Star Show Episodes

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SuperSponge1234's Ratings

1.5 Bubble Bass Reviews
10 & 1 Toilets
A Root Galoot
A Space Affair to Remember
Backpay Payback
Big Baby Patrick
Bummer Jobs
Bunny the Barbarian
Chum Bucket List
Dad's Stache Stash
Dr. Smart Science
Enemies à la Mode
Family Plotz
Fun & Done!
Gas Station Vacation
Get Off My Lawnie
Home ECCH!
House Hunting
I Smell a Pat
Is There a Director in the House?
Just in Time for Christmas
Klopnodian Heritage Festival
Late for Breakfast
Lost in Couch
Mid-Season Finale
Movie Stars
Neptune's Ball
Nitwit Neighborhood News
Now Museum, Now You Don't
Olly Olly Organ Free
Patrick's Alley
Patrick's Got a Zoo Loose
Patrick's Prison Pals
Pearl Wants to Be a Star
Shrinking Stars
Squidina's Little Helper
Stair Wars
Star Cruise
Star Cruise
Super Sitters
Super Stars
Terror at 20,000 Leagues
The Commode Episode
The Drooling Fool
The Haunting of Star House
The Lil' Patscals
The Patrick Show Cashes In
The Patrick Show Sells Out
The Patterfly Effect
The Prehistoric Patrick Star Show
The Star Games
The Starry Awards
The Wrath of Shmandor
The Yard Sale
There Goes the Neighborhood
To Dad and Back
Tying the Klop-Knot
Uncredible Journey
Which Witch is Which?
Who's a Big Boy?
X Marks the Pot