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Jellyfish Fields PSA

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Typed By: ssj4gogita4

Narrator: And now some simple guidelines for your visit to Jellyfish Fields. Always pack lightly. (Patrick puts himself in the jellyfishing net and then in the suitcase) Dispose of litter properly. (SpongeBob sees a cup on the ground)
SpongeBob: Gadzooks! (turns into a trashcan, flips the ground upside-down and the trash goes into him. He laughs)
Narrator: And lastly, please respect the gentle jellyfish. (Squidward catches a jellyfish floating by with his book)
Squidward: Ha! (his chair collapses in half) Aah! (jellyfish zaps him. Squidward groans and screams)
Narrator: This has been a word from Jellyfish Fields State Park. (Squidward groans)