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What If SpongeBob Was Gone? #3

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Typed By: ssj4gogita4

Narrator: What if SpongeBob was gone?
(at Krusty Krab)
Mr. Krabs: Ah, who needs him? I can manage this place and do SpongeBob's job with me eyes closed and me pockets full. (cash register bell dings) Here you are, sir. (slips on some soda on the floor, causing himself to throw the krabby patty into the customers face) Sorry about that. (black smoke coming from the kitchen) Oopsy. (blows off the fire) Whew. (hat falls off his head and on the grill, bursting in flames) Ahh, fire! Fire! Fire! (everyone runs out of the Krusty Krab except Mr. Krabs who is stuck in the kitchen window. Gets himself unstuck but takes a part of the wall with him) Ok, maybe I do need SpongeBob.