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Sea Horse Riding Made Easy

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Typed By: ssj4gogita4

Narrator: In the old west, it's essential to understand the basics of riding a seahorse. Are you ready, SpongeBuck?
SpongeBuck: I sure am.
Narrator: Fine. To start, we place the right hand on the saddle horn. (arrow points) Then place your right foot in the stirrup located here (arrow points) while placing your left hand here (arrow points)
SpongeBuck: Ok. Right foot here (stretches leg over the saddle)
Narrator: While keeping your left leg balanced and ready here (arrow points)
SpongeBuck: Left foot here (stretches leg over the saddle) Right arm there (twists it around one of his legs and to the back of the saddle)
Narrator: While sliding your index finger there (arrow points) with that left toe pushed up right over to the upright mounting position with the foot ending on the opposite side of the back front.
SpongeBuck: Lef there and...I'm up! (sitting on the saddle twisted and backwards)
Narrator: Well alright! You're ready to ride. (SpongeBuck and saddle slip under the seahorse while riding away)