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Nicktoons Battle

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Typed By: ssj4gogita4

Tommy Pickles: Legend has it that the one who catches the Ball of Toon will earn the honor of ultimate NickToon.
Timmy Turner: Let the battle begin! (throws ball)
Chuckie Finster: Super Energy Sneeze! (sneezes mucus at Debbie)
Debbie Thornberry: Eww! (jumps in the air and turns on the hair dryer, burning the tips of Helga's hair. She spins and hearts are thrown everywhere. She kisses Chuckie.)
Chuckie Finster: Cooties!! (rubs his cheeks)
Patrick Star: (eats a burger) Krabby Patty power! (grows to an enormous size and burps. Tries squishing others by slamming his fist into the ground. The ball rolls towards Dil Pickles)
Everyone: Nooooo! (Dil sucks on the ball)
Tommy Pickles: Fellow Toons, you have learneded to fetch this lesson that your quest to be the ultimate toon is not necessary as you are all NickToons!