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Whale of a Birthday

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(opens up with Pearl sleeping until the radio wakes her up)
Radio: Good morning, Bikini Bottom! It's a very special day today because we have got the new single from Boys Who Cry: 'It's All About You'.

Boys Who Cry

It's all about you, girl
On your 16th birthday
Pay attention to you, girl
Everyone has to do just what you say
You get your very own spotlight tonight
'Cause it's all about you
Yeah it's all about Pearl
You're the birthday girl


Yeah! It's all about me
On my 16th birthday
I want music, clothes, and shiny things
So give it up right away
Everybody in the whole wide world
They have to pay attention to me
It's all about me, me...and guess who? Me!

Mr Krabs: (Pearl crashes through the ceiling and into the kitchen on the ground floor) Neptune's trasures!
Pearl: Morning, daddy!
Mr Krabs: Are you sure you wouldn't prefer a room on the ground floor?
Pearl: Oh, daddy. I'm just excited because tomorrow's a very special day.
Mr Krabs: (gulps) It is? (Pearl stares at him) Oh, I meant it is! Very special. Very very special, indeed.
Pearl: You have no idea what day tomorrow is, do you?
Mr Krabs: None at all.
Pearl: It's my 16th birthday!
Mr Krabs: I knew that. How could you think I wouldn't know that? What are you gonna be, 12?
Pearl: I'm going to be 16! It's only the most important birthday in my entire life. If I don't have a completely awesome party, my whole high school reputation will collapse. I'll have to drop out, I won't go off to college, I'll never leave home. You'll have to support me for the rest of my life.
Mr Krabs: (nervously chuckles) Well, we don't want that to happen.
Pearl: Then promise me you'll give me a real party this year. And don't be cheap! (nods)
(later at the high school)
Pearl: Hi, girls.
Friend #1: Hi, Pearl.
Pearl: Are you guys coming to my totally coral birthday party tomorrow?
Friend #1: I don't know, Pearl. Is this going to be as totally coral as last year, when your dad passed out paper clips as party favors? (3 girls laugh)
Judy: Remember the time we all had to share one balloon? (balloon floats up) Please.
Friend #2: Remember the pony ride? (wooden horse with a paint can as a head and a broom stick as a tail)
Friend #1: I can't wait to see how he ruins this year. (3 girls laugh as Pearl runs out of school sobbing. Shes heads towards the Krusty Krab)
Pearl: Daddy!
Mr Krabs: Everybody brace for impact!
Pearl: Tell me you've got something totally coral planned for my birthday party.
Mr Krabs: Now, now, don't snap your mizzenmast. Everything is all set. Why, I've already got the party favors--bubble wrap! (pops the bubble wrap) This year's gonna be a blast.
Pearl: Daddy, you ruined all my birthday parties. But you better not ruin this one. Now promise me you won't be cheap.
Mr Krabs: (gulps) I promise.
Pearl: Good, because I made a list. (list rolls out of the Krusty Krab and down the road. Mr Krabs rolls it up) Now I want everything on this list at my party. (kisses her dad) Bye. I'll be at the mall with my friends.
Mr Krabs: Spongebob?!
Spongebob: Yes, Mr Krabs?
Mr Krabs: While I plan the party, I want you to buy Pearl's present. (takes out his credit card) Here you go, boy.
Spongebob: What's this, Mr Krabs?
Mr Krabs: It's me credit card. You use it instead of money.
Spongebob: I can buy stuff with just this piece of plastic? I don't need money?
Mr Krabs: Exactly.
Spongebob: Wow.
Mr Krabs: Now remember, nothing's too good for me little Pearl. I wanted to give her nothing, but she's too good for that. Now follow her around and see what she likes. You know, do some detective work.
Spongebob: Detective work--I'm going undercover.
(later at the Bikini Bottom mall)
Pearl: So, that's when Marcy told me that Julie said that Angela did like Brad.
Friend #1: Oh.
Spongebob: (peeking through a plant as he writes something down on a notepad) Angela likes Brad.
Pearl: (holding up a purple, plastic comb) Oh my gosh, this is the greatest thing I have seen in the whole world.
Spongebob: (runs up to the cashier) I'd like to buy that piece of plastic with this piece of plastic. (giggles)
Cashier: (looking at the credit card) Mr Krabs, huh? Quick--how do you spell "Krabs"?
Spongebob: Umm...I'm pretty sure it has a 'B' in it.
Cashier: Close enough. (swipes the credit card through the machine) There you go, kid.
Spongebob: That's it? Hmmm, I'll never understand the workings of high finance.
Pearl: (holding up lip gloss) Wow, this is the greatest thing I've ever seen in the whole world. Glitter gloss!
Spongebob: Oh, no, I bought the wrong present.
Judy: Pearl, you have got to see this.
Pearl: Coming, Judy.
Elderly Fish: Oh...hmmm... (mirror flips around revealing Spongebob. He takes the glitter gloss away from the elderly fish and the mirror flips back around)
Spongebob: Now this is obviously the greatest present ever.
Pearl: (squeals) This is the greatest thing in the whole world! (Spongebob sighs)
(back at the Krusty Krab where Squidward is nailing down a banner)
Squidward: The banner's up, Mr Krabs.
Mr Krabs: I've had that since the day she was born. I got it on sale.
Squidward: I'm sure she'll love it, Mr Krabs.
(back at the mall)
Pearl: This sea pony is the cutest thing ever. Do you want to come home and be my pony? (pony imagines Pearl being on its back) Whee! (pony shakes its head)
Judy: Pearl, come here. This is so coral. (Spongebob is disguised as a Dog Fish next to the pony)
Pearl: Oh my gosh, it's Billy Fishkin.
All: Hi, Billy!
Billy: Meep. (all sighing. Spongebob, dressed up as a girl, sighs after they do)
Spongebob: (girly voice) Isn't he dreamy? (Spongebob takes Billy and hands him to the cashier) Price check on four.
Billy: Meep.
(back at the Krusty Krab)
Squidward: I finished Pearl's peortrait, Mr Krabs. It's a true masterpiece. (reveals a meat sculpture of Pearl)
Mr Krabs: Hey...maybe I should have hired that ice sculptor.
Squidward: Ice sculptor? Any fool can sculpt in ice. It takes true genius to transform 400 pounds of raw krabby patties into a work of such majesty.
Mr Krabs: Yeah. Well, we've got the decor covered. Now how about entertainment? Pearl wants some boy band called 'Boys Who Cry'.
Squidward: Boys Who Cry? They're my favorite band. They charge just to show up. And if you want them to lip-sync, it'll run into real money.
Mr Krabs: you're a real fan, huh?
Squidward: Oh yeah, I know all their songs.
Mr Krabs: All their songs?
(back at the mall where Pearl and friends are gazing at a bunch of things and Spongebob buys them all, including: a dress, sunglasses, a pair of platform shoes, and other gifts)
Pearl: Wouldn't it be cool if my dad got me this for my birthday?
Friend #1: It sure would be. If he was cool, which he's not. (laughs)
Pearl: Yeah, he probably got me another box of staples.
(back at the Krusty Krab)
Mr Krabs: It's almost time for the party to start!
Spongebob: I'm back, Mr Krabs!
Mr Krabs: Spongebob, what took you so long? And where's Pearl's present?
Spongebob: the delivery truck will be here momentarily.
Squidward: Here she comes, Mr Krabs.
Mr Krabs: Everybody get into position. (Pearl and friends enter)
All: Happy birthday! (everyone is standing in front of the banner that reads 'iT'S A BOY GIRL')
Judy: "It's a boy"?! (3 friends laugh)
Pearl: Daddy! (friends walk over to the popcorn machine and try a bite. All gag & cough up the popcorn)
Friend #1: Stale popcorn. (friends walk over to the punchbowl and take a sip) It tastes like dishwater.
Squidward: It is dishwater. (friends cough out the punch)
Pearl: (notices the sculpture) Is that supposed to be me? (head falls off) It's made out of krabby patties! Gross.
Mr Krabs: Who wants cake?
Pearl: Well, the cake does look good. (all take a bite but spit it right back out) It's made out of cardboard.
Mr Krabs: And frosting.
Friend #1: Well, Pearl, 16 lame parties in a row. Must be a new record. Let's get out of here.
Pearl: Wait, don't leave. My dad got Boys Who Cry to play. You did get Boys Who Cry, right?
Mr Krabs: Oh, even better sweetie. Hit it. (curtain unfols as R & Bmusic beings to play with Squidward standing on the stage)
Squidward: Hello, ladies.

When my tear ducts give issue
I can't use just any tissue
I need four-ply, four-ply, four-ply
When I cry, huh!

Friend #2: Hey, that's not Boys Who Cry.
Judy: Yeah!
Friend #2: Boo!
Friend #1: What a rip-off.
Judy: This stinks!
Pearl: Daddy, how could you? I gave you a list. (runs out sobbing)
Mr Krabs: Pearl, come back. (crowd throws Pearls meat head at Squidward)
Pearl: You ruined everything! You couldn't stop being cheap, even for me. (cries)
Mr Krabs: I'll make it up to you somehow, Pearl.
Spongebob: That's it. Back it up. Right there. Let 'er go! (dump truck full of presents unloads them all)
Pearl: You bought me a boat?
Mr Krabs: I did? I mean...I did?
Friends: Wow.
Pearl: Oh, daddy, I don't know how it could get better than this.
Spongebob: Just watch. (signals on his walkie-talkie) Hit it boys! (big present at the top opens up to reveal Boys Who Cry singing 'It's All About You' to Pearl. Pearl's friends faint)
Mr Krabs: Boy, how much is all this costing me?
Spongebob: Here's the receipt.
Mr Krabs: (freaks out) I ought to...
Pearl: Oh, daddy, you got me everything I wanted. (kisses her dad)
Mr Krabs: Ah, nothing's too good for me daughter. Heh.
Spongebob: You're a good dad, Mr Krabs.
Mr Krabs: Don't push your luck, boy.