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20,000 Patties Under the Sea

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Airdate:November 23, 2007
Season: 5
Prod. Number: 97a
Air Number: 103b
Paired With:Battle of Bikini Bottom
Directors:Chris Reccardi and Aaron Springer (storyboard), Vincent Waller (creative), Tom Yasumi (animation)
Writers:Chris Reccardi, Aaron Springer, Richard Pursel
Plot:SpongeBob and Patrick discover an old submarine, and Mr. Krabs talks them into using it to take the Krusty Krab on the road!
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Pest of the West Season 5 Volume 2 The First 100 Episodes The Complete Fifth Season

Random Quotes (View Transcript)
"Won't Mr. Krabs be so proud of us when he finds out how good we're doing? See any new customers, Patrick?"

"Not-not just a sandwich. It's a tumwich."