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Mr. Lawrence

Position: Voice of Plankton & Others; Writer
Voice Of: Sheldon J. Plankton, Larry the Lobster, Sinister Slug, Villain, Fred, Johnny Erain, Tony Fast Jr., Earl Cheeks, Bus Station Manager, Mail Fish, Pirate, Artist, Lord Planktonimor, Glove World Owner, Bank Robber, Tour Organizer, Frank the Fish, The Cackling Cruiser, Cletus, Rube Goldfish, Dead Eye Plankton, Shady Shoals Manager, Officer Johnson, Sports Guy
Biography: Mr. Lawrence has done the voice for Filburt in Rocko's Modern Life, drew the cover for "Weird Al" Yankovic's "The Food Album", and played Mr. Toad in House of Mouse.


Writer for:
Tea at the Treedome
Naughty Nautical Neighbors
Boating School
Home Sweet Pineapple
Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy
Hall Monitor
Squeaky Boots
Opposite Day
Culture Shock
MuscleBob BuffPants
I Was a Teenage Gary
Sleepy Time
The Paper
Walking Small
Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy II
Bossy Boots
Bubble Buddy
Christmas Who?
Imitation Krabs
Patty Hype
No Free Rides
I'm Your Biggest Fanatic
Life of Crime
The Smoking Peanut
Welcome to the Chum Bucket
Graveyard Shift
Krusty Love
I ♥ Dancing
The Inside Job
Model Sponge
Kracked Krabs
The Curse of Bikini Bottom
One Coarse Meal
The Main Drain
That Sinking Feeling
Buried in Time
The Abrasive Side
Perfect Chemistry
Sentimental Sponge
The Other Patty
Sweet and Sour Squid
Walking the Plankton
Bubble Buddy Returns
Planet of the Jellyfish
Face Freeze!
It's a SpongeBob Christmas!
Move It or Lose It
License to Milkshake
Squid Baby
Eek, an Urchin!
Bumper to Bumper
Plankton's Pet
It Came From Goo Lagoon
Séance Schméance
Don't Look Now
SpongeBob, You're Fired!
Kenny the Cat
Yeti Krabs
Mimic Madness
Lame and Fortune
Whirly Brains
Feral Friends
Don't Wake Patrick
Plankton Retires
The Incredible Shrinking Sponge
Cave Dwelling Sponge
The Legend of Boo-Kini Bottom
No Pictures, Please
Don't Feed the Clowns
Grandmum's the Word
Moving Bubble Bass
Bunny Hunt
My Leg!
Library Cards
Girls Night Out
Stormy Weather
Mind the Gap
Dirty Bubble Returns
Escape from Beneath Glove World
Who R Zoo?
One Trick Sponge
The Ghost of Plankton
Lockdown for Love
Pat Hearts Squid
Something Narwhal This Way Comes
Welcome to Binary Bottom
Salty Sponge
The Flower Plot
Sir Urchin and Snail Fail
Dopey Dick
Plankton and the Beanstalk
Swimming Fools
Sandy, Help Us!
Don't Make Me Laugh
Tango Tangle