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Sirena Irwin

Position: Voice of Mrs. SquarePants & Mrs. Krabs
Voice Of: Margaret SquarePants, Mary, Betsy Krabs, Mary's Mom, Real Estate Agent, Tina/Fran, The Magic Conch Shell, Lipp Service, Alien Tour Guide, Squilvia, Jennifer, Waitress, Judy, Helga, Miss Appear, Betsy, Fortune Teller, Monica, Mary the Snail, Roxanne Robot, Karen Two, Annette, Nixie, Ms. Mildred, Nancy, Evelyn, Miss Shell
Biography: Irwin attended six elementary schools across the states and abroad. One of them was in western Massachusetts, where she attended the Smith College Campus School and graduated along with Uma Thurman, another famous actress. She then went on to attend five more schools before graduating from high school at Northfield Mount Hermon School. She went on to graduate from university with high honors and awards. She was a Phi Beta Kappa graduate.