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Feeding Frenzy

Episode: Krusty Koncessionaires
Artist: Tom Kenny & The Hi-Seas

I was a lonely, lonely lad
Solitary Soul
Didn't have the rock and I didn't know how to roll
Joined me a band, singing on a stage
They was swooning and a-screaming and now I'm all the rage

Feeding Frenzy, everyone wants a piece of me
It's a feeding frenzy
I can't get me no privacy

How am I gonna shake 'em?
Is it really him?
The freaky fans found me
Man, they'll tear me limb from limb

They claw at my clothes
Steal my shoes
Tear out my hair
I got nothing left to lose

Oh, it's a feeding frenzy
The kids can't get enough
Oh, it's a feeding frenzy
This rock-n-roll is getting rough

Feeding Frenzy (repeat many times)