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Dead Eye

Episode: Pest of the West
Artist: Patrick, Mr. Krabs, Squidward, Mrs. Puff, Sandy

Oh, Bikini Gulch was a perty place
With sweet water and blue sky
'Til one day a beast come a-ridin' from the east
By the name of ol' Dead Eye (That dirty, no-good Dead Eye)

Oh, he's robbed this town, he's pulled my pants down
He made all the pretty girls cry
That no-good goon wants my saloon and the IOU's due tomorrow noon

If we don't get some help here real soon
We'll lose everything we own to Dead Eye
We'd stop him if we weren't to scared to try

And if you think that's funny
Let me tell ya sonny
You won't be laughing when you see
His... Big... Red... Dead Eye (Dead Eye!)