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Picture Day

Episode: Picture Day
Description: SpongeBob loves picture day at school. We learn about his routine about getting ready in the morning. First he uses a vacuum on his face, a rolling pin to roll out his face, paints stripes on sock, paints on shorts, whitens his teeth with a white crayon, puts on several wigs then shaves them off. Off to school he goes. The only problem is that the teenagers were just released from school and they are pelting everyone with balloons filled with ketchup. SpongeBob tries to avoid all sorts of debris: ketchup, garbage trucks, trash, etc. Patrick tries to help out by carrying SpongeBob in his empty jar of peanut butter. When they successfully arrive at Mrs. Puff's Boating School, Patrick gets hungry and decides to eat a taco. Remember his jar of peanut butter, he empties its contents out, which gets SpongeBob dirty after all that hard work. SpongeBob cries when it's his turn but smiles really big, thanks to the photographer, and wears a green outfit.