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Episode: Atlantis Squarepantis
Description: A far away place that is only reachable in a song-fueled bus. As long as you're singing you can fly to Atlantis. Atlantis has the oldest living bubble, which is over a million years old. It also has an artillery of weapons, vast amount of wealth, and knowledge. What could go wrong? Well, leave it up to SpongeBob and Patrick to mess things up again. They take a picture of what they think is the oldest living bubble. It pops! They start panicking but the Lord Royal Highness tells them that was just a prop for tourists. The real bubble was in a case that he holds up. Patrick takes a picture and the real bubble pops. A chase ensues with our favorite characters running off until everyone runs into Plankton. He's got the weapons pointed at everyone and fires the tank full of ice cream. Disappointed, the Atlanteans take Plankton and display him for everyone to see. SpongeBob and the gang ride off on the bus back to Bikini Bottom.