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Jousting Tournament

Episode: Dunces and Dragons
Description: Let's go back to earlier times, the medieval times. A time where witchcraft, shields, swords, spears, and blacksmiths were very common to be seen. Now, imagine the people fighting each other with some of these items. Back in the present day, there is a place called "Medieval Moments" in Bikini Bottom, where medieval times is alive and well. However, the only event that we get to see if jousting. Two seahorses, two spears, two contestants. That's all it takes to start a jousting fight and SpongeBob and Patrick just happen to be those two contestants. Instead of sitting up close, like they thought they were going to do, they are actually participating in it. Each seahorse and rider gets on one side of the ring and faces its opponent. When it's time to start, the seahorses and riders race towards each other, spear in front of them, hoping to knock the other one off first. Patrick gets knocked off and sent flying out of the stadium. SpongeBob's seahorse sends him flying out as well.