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Anchor Toss Competition

Episode: MuscleBob BuffPants
Description: After SpongeBob works out at Sandy's Treedome, he goes home and lies in bed, aching. A commercial comes on his TV about anchor arms, a new way to look buff in front of all your friends and family. When he orders the anchor arms, he goes to Mussel Beach and shows them off at one of the juice bars. In walks Sandy and immediately questions SpongeBob about where he got his muscles. SpongeBob replies that he has been working out. Sandy insists that he signs up for the Anchor Toss Competition. SpongeBob disagrees and tries to stop Sandy from writing his name down but is unsuccessful, due to not able to lifting the drink off his anchor arms. At the start of the competition, Don the Whale makes his debut and throws a giant anchor 200 yards. Next up is Larry the Lobster, who throws 210 yards. After Larry is Sandy Cheeks. She throws the giant anchor in the air, twirls around, and karate kicks it out onto the field. The marker runs around because he doesn't want to get squished by the anchor, but it happens anyways. 510 yards for Sandy. Up next, SpongeBob SquarePants. The crowd is cheering for SpongeBob. He tries to lift the anchor but no luck. He sees the gauge on his anchor arms and blows them up to 'jerk.' Again, he tries to lift the anchor but something goes horribly wrong. Everything on his body gets big and then the anchor arms explode. The crowd changes from cheering SpongeBob to cheering for Sandy.