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SpongeBob's House Party

Episode: Party Pooper Pants
Description: Thanks to the 'Plan Your Own Party Kit' that SpongeBob got at Barg N Mart, he decides to have a party at his house. Some things are done at a specific time: - Pin the tail on seahorse - Punch - Hor d'eurves - Topic cards (Which came first, the oyster or the pearl; Discuss the philosophical nature of irony; nod politely; Discuss the secret ingredient of the krabby patty formula (It actually said "You Say: “Where are you From?”")) - Phone in punchbowl - 8:37pm “Read aloud the newspaper comics” - 8:52pm “cake” - Laughter @ 9:03 - 9:20pm “Finger Puppet Theater” - 10:00pm “Dance your pants off” - Squidward's light conversation with Mr. Krabs from 10:41 to 10:47 In SpongeBob's eyes, the party was a failure, because he got locked out of his own house in a rabbit suit. He is then arrested after spotted by the Police trying to break-in. After he comes back, everyone tells him what an awesome party he threw and that they should do it again sometime soon.