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21st Fry Cook Games

Episode: The Fry Cook Games
Description: A special event held at Fast Food Colosseum. The underwater version of the Olympics. Some events include: - (Javelin) - (Patty Toss/Shotput) - (Gelatin Vault) The main competitors used to be Mr. Krabs and Plankton. They competed in some events like: - (500 Pickle Clean and Jerk) - (Onion Ring Routine) The 21st Fry Cook Games would see SpongeBob, representing The Krusty Krab, and Patrick, representing The Chum Bucket, being the competitors. Some of their events include: - (Deep-Fry Pole Vault) - (Chocolate High-Dive) - (Patty Tossing) - (Butter Skating) - (Hurdles) - (Flying on Spatulas) SpongeBob and Patrick are feeling the heated rivalry grow between them. With the score tied, it all comes down to one last event: Bun Wrestling They start wrestling with Patrick getting in the first 'blows' by licking SpongeBob's feet. SpongeBob mounts a comeback by erasing Patrick's name on his nametag and making it say "Rick." When both competitors get angry, they get into a grapple. When they growl and strain so much, their pants come off. Patrick is wearing yellow underwear, which were white when he put them on, and SpongeBob is wearing pink underwear. They forgive each other because they realize they both care about the other. And there ends the 21st Fry Cook Games.