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Sandy's Hibernation

Episode: Prehibernation Week
Description: Hibernation. A special time of year for bears and other animals. Sandy gets ready every year for her hibernation, which happens to fall on the 8th, a Monday. She has to rake the leaves, scrub the bird bath, paint the fence, clean the exercise wheel, and more. However, SpongeBob talks her into doing all sorts of dangerous things before her 'carboration' begins. Some of the events include sand boarding down Sand Mountain, diving in the freezing water, extreme jacks (use a bowling ball instead of a bouncy ball), jousting with giant ear cleaners off the Sea Needle, a bike ride through Industrial Park, fly fishing, and find the hay in the needle stack. After SpongeBob realizes that Sandy is trying to kill him, he makes a run for it and hides from her. When Sandy finally finds him, with some help from the citizens of Bikini Bottom, she goes to sleep. And so does SpongeBob.