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Talent Show

Episode: Culture Shock
Description: The Krusty Krab customers are no where to be found and Mr. Krabs wants something to generate some money. Squidward mentions a talent show for later that night. Pearl is the first one to perform. She does a cheer for the Krusty Krab. "Give me a K-R-U." "Give me a "S-T-Y." Everytime she jumps up and down, the customers are tossed in the air from her giant body hitting the ground. Gary is the next to go. He recites some poetry that only Gary can (Meow. Meow.) that Sandy finds adorable. After Gary performs, Mr. Krabs rushes backstage and gets frustrated at Squidward because the show is a disaster. Squidward has not lost hope, yet. The finale, or so Squidward thinks, is himself doing an interpretive dance, with some props, at the beginning and changes into a techno dance. This enrages everyone and the crowd starts throwing tomatoes and other vegetables at Squidward. Mr. Krabs knows he is losing money on the deal so he changes the salad bar from "free" to costing $1.00. After Squidward gets his share of fruits and vegetables thrown at him, he goes backstage. SpongeBob gets to go on and clean up. Little does he know that SpongeBob is the greatest thing that happens in the Talent Show. As soon as he starts mopping, the crowd stops with their anger and starts clapping for SpongeBob. Who knew that cleaning up and finishing up the Talent Show would be the best act that earned Mr. Krabs a wheelbarrow full of money.