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Bikini Bottom Mysteries Season 1

Bikini Bottom Mystery Compliation
These investigations are full of shifty and shady sea dwellers!

Bikini Bottom Mystery S1 E01: There's Something Fishy About Frank
There is something fishy about Frank! He has multiple names, multiple personalities, and even multiple wives?! What is this fishy flounder hiding?

Bikini Bottom Mystery S1 E02: Is the Purple Doctor Fish a Medical Maniac?
Friendly resident doctor? Or medical maniac? It's time to dive into the life and secrets of the mysterious Purple Doctor Fish! That's right, we don't even know his real name!

Bikini Bottom Mystery S1 E03: Is Harold a Ticking Timebomb?
Lurking deep within Bikini Bottom could lie a ticking timebomb! What's making Harold so angry?

Bikini Bottom Mystery S1 E04: What is Nat Peterson Hiding?
Hidden cash, sabotage, and supernatural abilities?! What is Nat Peterson hiding?

Bikini Bottom Mystery S1 E05: Watch Out for Mable!
She may look sweet, but behind the wrinkled scales could lie a dark secret.

Bikini Bottom Mystery S1 E06: Scooter's Haunting Secret
Everybody's favorite lovable beach bum, might have a secret that he'll take to the grave!

Bikini Bottom Mystery S1 E07: Has Fred
Deep under the ocean, if you listen carefully, You might just hear the cry of one mysterious fish.

Bikini Bottom Mystery S1 E08: The Curious Case of Old Man Jenkins
What kind of secrets is Old Man Jenkins hiding?!

Bikini Bottom Mystery S1 E09: The Chocolate Guy
Somethings not quite right about Tom! Is his sweet tooth feeding his erratic behavior!?

Bikini Bottom Mystery S1 E10: Suspicious Fishes
Here are just a few of the suspicious fish in Bikini Bottom...