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ThunderStorm also known as Storm, StormAllenBryat, CatDogBryat, Manray, and Bang Bang is a member who joined August 4, 2013. He has 7 warning points, and has undergone five suspensions as of 4/4/15. He found this site by SBC. He likes WWE, Comic book movies, Nicki Minaj music, Big Nate, etc. and was known as a troll on SBC. As of 12/18/16, he has 5,848 posts. He is #24 on the SBM's Overall Top Posters.

Prior to December 2013, Storm was one of the highest-priority targets of Team Rage, always being attacked by them in the chat. However, his ban from the chat resolved this quickly. As of May 2014, TR and Storm are friends with each other, and Storm is seen as their biggest fan on SBM, followed closely by President Squidward.

In April 2015, Storm got into a fight with Leedle in the chat, which resulted in him being permanently banned from the chat. He later left SBM due to this, but returned later on. He is banned from the chat yet again, and has never been unbanned since.

In August 2015, he was Banished for unnessessary topic spamming and for sexually harrassing members and later threatened to hack the site in a series of 2 YouTube videos where he was later mocked in the comments. The hack never happened and he is now one of SBM's most notable members.

As of December 2016, Storm was given another (and final) chance to resume the forums (along with OBAB).